2014 National Capri and Classic Small Ford Muster

The event organisers from the ACT Small Ford Club did a great job mustering a really impressive collection of Fords to Canberra in October. The Capri was clearly the featured model with a huge and diverse range of cars on show. The Front drive Convertibles were out in force with the mainstream model, the XR2 Turbo and Clubsprint forming an impressive line-up at the Show and Shine on Saturday. A solitary Classic Capri signified the opening chapter of the story on Ford’s famous coupe while the best sellers, the Mk1 (including the V6GT and RS3100), Mk2 and Mk3 were all on show.

Other small Fords that took part included Mk1 and 2 Escorts, Mk1 and 2 Cortinas, a Zephyr, an early Laser S and a Sapphire. The event stood out not only because of the range of collectible Fords on show but also because of the excellent condition of so many of the eye catching cars.

Sunday’s Observation Trial took the event participants to various locations around Canberra and along some enjoyable roads. The theme of the Trial was ‘Space’, which included living space, open space, deep space and even a blue box that travels through time and space. It was another very enjoyable weekend and the ACT Small Ford Club are keen to put on another brilliant event for us in 2015.