2014 British Ford Day

The CAP Club invited the RSOC to attend their annual British Ford Day at the Ettamogah Pub in Rouse Hill and we had a good variety of cars from our Club turn up on the day. Whatever Rallye Sport models might be of particular interest to you, there was a good chance that there was something there for you to check out. Not only did we have an impressive group of nicely presented cars but there was a surprisingly symmetrical split between Focus RS, Cossies and Escorts as well.

The CAP Club (ie. Cortina Anglia Prefect) had their usual array of well-preserved classic Fords on display including some Lotus Cortina models and a GT500. This was significant as only a few weeks before Harry Firth had passed away and the GT500 was one of his very successful projects. It is a highly sought after Cortina these days, being one of the very first homologation specials in Australian motorsport.