2014 Small Ford Sunday Melbourne

The Small Ford Sunday show held at Seaworks in Williamstown in Victoria was another great event. The total number of cars on show might have been down a bit this year, no doubt due to there being plenty of advance notice that it would be extremely hot on the day. However there were still plenty of Cortinas, Escorts, Capris and Sierras on show. There was also a good range of the Focus Mk1 and 2 for the front drive enthusiasts to check out. If anything it was the real early cars, like Anglias, Zephyrs and side valve Prefects that were a bit thin on the ground this time.

The Capri was the featured model in 2014 and there were plenty of the performance models being displayed. There were five RS3100s and two rare V8 Peranas. The spread of V6 Capris also covered the Aussie GT V6 plus imported examples of the Mk2 and 3.

A number of competition cars were grouped together and, understandably, they were mainly Escorts. This included Stewart Coleman’s tarmac rally Escort Twin Cam. Close by were three Transits, with two of them belonging to our Club members Graeme Knight and Peter Cox.

Speaking of Club members it was great to catch up with our guys from Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria who were there on the day.

The special guest that was handing out the trophies at the conclusion of the day was Allan Moffat. While he may be best remembered for his days racing Falcons and the Trans-Am Mustang he has also spent track time in an FVA Escort, the Cologne Capri and Sierra RS500. With that in mind can you think of anyone better qualified to hand out trophies at this ‘small Ford’ event?

The guys from Ford RS Owners Club (Aust) who received trophies on the day were Stewart Coleman (Escort T/C), Aaron Hodges (Sierra RS), Robert Ramsey (Mk2 RS2000) and Owen Shield (RS3100). Well done guys.