2013 Pacific Ford Total Performance Day

Not an official RSOCA event, however, I thought it was worth sending some
pic’s through as we did end up with some interesting RS’s and small Fords
at the annual Pacific Ford Total Performance day on Sunday the 11th August

This is a free local event held each year at the local Sunshine Coast Ford
Dealer. Greg Manchester is the organiser and each year the event attracts
new Ford blood and this year we had an excellent small Ford following.
Vehicles included Mk 1 Escorts, 3 Sierra’s, Mk 2 RS2000, Escort Cosworth, 2
Focus RS’s, Focus ST’s, Mondeo’s, Fiesta’s, the Colin Bond 1977 Bathurst
Falcon and more. The day also offers a dyno to see which Ford’s win the HP
trophy. This year was quite amazing. An early 70′s Falcon with a twin turbo
put out just over 500hp but could not put the power to the ground, so a 2nd
attempt was staged with 4 heavy passangers and a bag of ice emptied in front
of the radiator and it lunged to 1006hp at the rear wheels.

Special thanks to David Wickham, Paul Chapman, Robin Smith, Chris Ching,
Daniel Reynold’s, Will Broadhurst, Bruce McKenzie, Craig and Annette Niven
and others for taking time out to show off their Fords.

I enjoyed the day as the new custodian of the ex-Graeme Knight Moonstone
Sierra 3 door. We had plenty of interest hovering around the cars all day. I
met quite a few pommies on the day that have recently moved to the Sunny
Coast who could not believe we have Cosworth Sierra’s and Escort’s in
Australia. One guy mentioned it made him home sick seeing the car’s, but
after a recent holiday back in the UK, could not wait to come back to the
Queensland climate!

Maybe next year, we will make it an official event on the club’s calendar.
Stay tuned!