2013 Club Plate Run 7th May

Thank you to all of the members who attended the Eling Forest Winery Club Plate run, and thank you on behalf of everyone who attended to Tom Chaplin for organising another great venue.

Seven cars left Heathcote for the run down – Brett & Jenni Shields in Brett’s Mk 2 RS2000, Dion & Eddie Burke in Dion’s similar machine, Stephen Roser in another Mk 2 RS2000, Nathan Stevenson & Tash Cairns in Nathan’s RS Focus, John & Mandy Bellwood in their Mk 1 Mexico, Mark Hockey & Annette in the Mk 1 Twin Cam, and Wayne Champion in the BMW M3 convertible, upon which was bestowed honorary RS status for the day.

We were met at the winery by Neil McKinnon & Chris Bryan from Canberra in their RS Focus’, and Martin Whittaker & Di in another RS Focus. Arriving just a little later, but still in time for lunch, was Scott McDonald in the immaculate Sierra. Tom Chaplin was on hand to direct the parking around his RS Focus.

Thank you also to the Management & Staff at Eling Forest who provided a delicious lunch and an excellent atmosphere once again for the RSOC Members.