2013 April Club Plate run to Settler’s Inn, St Albans

After a week of at best doubtful weather, the skies dawned bright and blue for our Observation Run to the Settler’s Inn at St Albans.

Gathered at McDonalds Mc Grath’s Hill, eagerly awaiting starter’s instructions were 6 RS models, comprising 2 Focus RS, a Mk 2 RS2000, a much modified Mk2 2 door, and 2 MK1 RS Escorts – 1 Mexico and an RS2000. These were crewed by a total of 13 keen drivers and navigators. Mark Fenech in the Focus brought the whole family – Jules and the kids – Laylah and Henry, Stewie Neal and John Bellwood each brought there better halves – Leanne & Mandy respectively, and Nathan Stevenson was trying to get some advantage by having both Scott and Damien riding shotgun. Stephen & Andre both challenged the route solo. Mr President Brett Shields and Bean Counter Mark Hockey shadowed the course in the Mk 1 Mexico to take photos and provide inspiration to the lost and lonely.

A good run was had by all, with everyone arriving at the Settler’s Arms for lunch; although in some cases, pretty strange routes were taken. Without dobbing anyone in, a certain Blue Focus RS with a driver and 2 navigators was reportedly seen on the Bell’s Line of Road, many k’s off the route at one stage early in the day. Nathan was heard to utter the words similar to “you’re sacked” at some stage, and Andre proved that highly tuned Mk2 Escorts will travel 4wd only roads too – well done mate !

John & Mandy Bellwood “clean sheeted” the event to emerge as winners, followed just one question behind by Stewie & Leanne, who was heard to say that the one question that Stewie answered brought them undone. Following just a few questions behind, Team Fenech completed the podium, proving that, just maybe, there is strength in numbers.

In all, a good day was had by all, with Robert Ramsay also braving many K’s of (fast ?) dirt driving in the Mk2 RS2000 joining us for lunch from Singleton; likewise David Martin made the trek from Toronto to join the group at the inn for lunch.