2013 Vic Small Ford Sunday Adventure

The 2013 Show Season has started. The first major show of the year was the “Small Ford Sunday” held this year for the first time at a new venue known as “Sea Works” at Williamtown, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, as its name suggests on the waterfront.

There was a great turnout of all the existing models of the small Fords from the early Anglia’s to the modern Focus RS.

The Ford RS Owners Club of Australia assembled the largest contingent of RS Fords, from the Mk2 RS 2000, RS3100, Sierra Cosworth, and RS500, Sapphire 2WD and 4×4, with the Escort Cosworth. As well as displaying the only Monte Escort Cosworth in the country and of courses the Mk1 and Mk2 Focus RS.

The Ford RS Owners Club of Australia would like to convey a very big thanks to the RSOCA members that travelled thousands of kilometres to attend the show. There were members from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and as far away as Queensland, the Qld Boys travelling over 4,000 plus kilometres., and mostly in Sierra Cosworths as well as the Monte “Go the Cosworth”.

The display of Mk1 and Mk2 Escorts was large, not much originality there. Of course there was a large contingency of the Australian built two doors and four doors RS2000 which all of the manufactured colours were represented bar the silver model.

Seen on displayed were three original Australian Escort Twin Cams, three German RS Mk2s, three RS3100s, three Sierra Cosworths, three RS500s, two RS Sapphires, 2WDs and two 4x4s, two Escort Cosworths, one being the Monte, one Focus RS Mk1 and only eleven Focus RS Mk2s, being the newest of the RSs models you would have expected to see more but we seem to be stuck on eleven at any one time and in Victoria once again, but there was the full colour range.

It was a great day with plenty of sunshine and it is well known the RSOCA members had a great weekend in more ways than one.