Making The Unobtainable, Obtainable

24 September

Often New Old Stock components are no longer available, reproduction components are not available, and the components we already have are well worn. This presents a problem: How do we continue to keep our cars in good road worthy condition?

The aim of Peter Lytton Reproduction Car Components is to make the unobtainable, obtainable. Peter specializes in the reproduction of components that have not previously been reproduced, or accurately reproduced.

The reproduction products Peter manufactures have been copied from OEM components of good quality, and preferably, where possible, of known history.

Each new component represents highly accurate and reliable reproduction including accurate choice of materials, size, weight, softness, hardness, feel, appearance & colour. During the designing and manufacture of the tooling for each new component special care is made to adhere exactly to the original mould and tooling split lines and injection points of the original component, surface finishes, and any other details that make the component unique.

More details are available on the Peter Lytton Reproduction Car Components website.