2012 All Ford Day Canberra

There were 3 Focus RS Mark 2 at the All Ford Day Canberra 2012; 2 UG and 1 PB. That is 50% of the 6 cars in the ACT so not such a bad turnout.

As for the 2011 day, most of the people attending the event seemed not to know too much about our cars. At lot of those who did gained their knowledge from Top Gear You Tube videos! There were a few RS tragics, besides the owners that is, who enjoyed engaging us about ‘what the car is really like’. The front wheel drive was very frequently mentioned by these folk.

I found that a fact sheet on the dash attracted a few readers and promoted discussions between spectators and owners. I will definitely do this again at future car shows.

As usual, GT Falcons in various iterations were well represented, along with Mustangs and the more recent offerings from FPV. A walk around the lawns in front of Old Parliament House was rewarded with very clean Lotus Cortina, an Escort or two and a couple of Capris, one an RS 3100, on display.

A Ford GT gained the lions share of attention with a Shelby King of the Road also attracting many admiring looks. We are getting pretty good at this car display thing now and folding chairs, a table, cheese, biscuits, dips and drinks helped sustain us through the business of strolling around, talking rubbish and taking pictures.

The Canberra All Ford Day is a good event and I would recommend it to any of our NSW or further afield brethren seeking an interesting day out.