2011 Victorian Spring Drive

Meredith Pub

Meredith Pub

We ran our Spring Drive today, and yes, we had some rain again ! However unlike our last drive, we only had just enough to get the cars dirty today.

Nine Focus RS 2′s turned up at the start with 16 people onboard. Lots of friendly and familiar faces….all smiles and happy to be running the cars again in the manner for whch they were intended. After exiting the Shell Westgate meeting pomt, we cruised up the Westgate Freeway before exiting thru Werribbee and then off into the west country.

Once off the beaten track, the roads opened up, presenting the members with fast, open tarmac through some of Victoria’s picturesque west. Crews followed a professionally presented set of Route Instructions, provided in a booklet, complete with maps and details of the destination – the Historic Meredith Hotel.

Meredith Pub

Meredith Pub

Hotel owners Cath and Steve looked after the members, and provided a beautiful country pub lunch, plus some refreshing drinks. The open fires were stoked up and the warmth of the room was most inviting.

Whilst all the cars were parked outside, a member of the local area Historical Society noticed all the RS’s and asked who and what was going on. As a result of a short interview, we are detined to be featured in the next local newspaper. The reporter was pleased that we’d come all the way from Melbourne, to visit a small rural hamlet, and pump some money into their economy. There should be more of this, and this is one of the aims of our Member Drives. We want to support the community, have a great feed, and drive some great roads.

How better could you spend your Sunday???

If you’re interested in the next run………….stay tuned, or email Frank York with ideas and suggestions.

We’re also going to put together a track day session, so that you can drive your car at 263 km/h without the worry of a speeding ticket. Stay tuned for more info. If you have any interest in driver tuition, or any other car related activities, just drop me a line and we can see what we can work out.