New Life Member – Stephen Roser

Stephen Roser, Ford RS Owners Club of Australia President 1999-2011

Life Members Tom Chaplin and Stephen Roser

Life Members Tom Chaplin and Stephen Roser

It is not very often that an honour gets to be bestowed upon an RS Owners club member.

At the RS Owners Club of Australia’s AGM 2011 such an honour was bestowed upon Stephen Roser, a Life Membership for his thirteen years as the Club’s President. Stephen was elected President in 1999 at a time when the Ford RS movement was floundering, there were no new Ford RS vehicles on the horizon from Ford Australia, the only new RS’s were the ones that were privately imported. Stephen has done an admirable job holding the Club together through these times and credit should be given to him for the survival of the Club to this day.

There were times when Stephen took on all the rolls within the club, which at times he found very difficult to control, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Magazine and Club Merchandise just to name a few.

When it was hinted that the new Focus RS may come to Australia, things started to pick up for Stephen and the Club, there were people willing to take on committee roles within the Club. With the arrival of the Focus RS the membership and interest in the club started to grow once more.

Now with a fully active club committee again, Stephen decided to stand down as President and take on a role he finds very interesting and challenging, Editor of the Club’s Rallye News Magazine.

Stephen was nominated for Life Membership by the incoming President, Brett Shields and seconded by founding Life Member, Tom Chaplin in recognition of his significant contribution to the Ford RS Owner’s Club of Australia.

Without Stephen’s enthusiasm for the Ford RS this Club may have disappeared years ago, instead it’s looking at celebrating its 30th year.