Team Torquesteer Discount

Team Torquesteer now offer members of the Australian RSOC a discount on their full range of products. To obtain products at the special discount rate the members will need follow some simple steps:

  • Discounts are applied by the use of a RSOC of Australia discount code.
  • To obtain a discount code you must apply BEFORE ordering. Members email to obtain a code.
  • Only members of RSOC of Australia may apply for a code.
  • The supplied discount code is used as part of the checkout process, and should be inserted in the ‘discount code’ when you view your basket.
  • The discount code can only be used for one purchase. The code is changed on a regular basis and a new code must be requested for any subsequent orders.
  • The actual discount will be between 5 and 10% depending on what items are ordered.
Team Torquesteer

Team Torquesteer