Escort RS2000 Mk2 – Australia 1979

Escort RS2000 Australian 2 door

Escort RS2000 Australian 2 door

The RS2000 went on sale in dealers around the country on 4th July 1979.

The Australian version was available in two body styles, two door and a four door. To ensure you’re getting a genuine car, check the build plate for model designations exclusively used by local RS2000, 11918 denoting a two-door car and 11938 identifying a four-door.

Priced at $6190 for the two door and $6325 for the four door.

Optional extras available at the time were:

  • Automatic gearbox
  • 5 ½ inch Volante alloy wheels
  • Air conditioning
  • Tinted laminated windscreen

Standard items were:

    Escort RS2000 Australian 2 door interior

    Escort RS2000 Australian 2 door interior

  • Droop snoop nose with quad head lights
  • Twin mirrors
  • Rear spoiler
  • Sports suspension
  • Rear stabiliser bar
  • Rap around rear bumper
  • Scheel contour seat
  • RS sports dash
  • Three spoke RS steering wheel
  • Centre console
  • Passenger glove box
  • 2 litre engine
  • 4 speed gearbox with quick shift

There were 5 main colours to choose from:

  • White (Snow White) code 9
  • Yellow (Lemon Lime) code X
  • Red (Monza Red) code K
  • Orange (Burnt Orange) code Z
  • Blue (Midnight) code C
  • Some special order colours were made, black and silver.
Escort RS2000 Mk2

Escort RS2000 Mk2


The 70 kW (93.8bhp) 2 litre powered the RS2000 to a top speed of 168km, with a 0-100 time of 11.5sec and the standing quarter mile in 17.9sec. A four speed gearbox 3.65-1st, 1.97-2nd,1.37-3rd, 1.00-4th with a final drive of 3.54 in an English axle case with the front load diff. Multi leaf rear springs. Large, 9 inch rear brake drums. 247mm front solid disc brakes on a McPherson strut with rack and pinion steering 3.5 turns lock to lock. Tyres on the earlier RS2000 were Goodyear Supersteel radial 175/70HR13 and on the later Uniroyal 180/70HR13. Fuel consumption on average was 10.4 litres per 100 km.

Escort RS2000 Australian 4 door

Escort RS2000 Australian 4 door

By the end of the run there were approximately 2400 RS2000’s built, exact breakdown figures are not available from Fords records.

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